Reverse Logistics

♦  De-installation of finished goods at the customer’s site
♦  Return management, receiving, sorting, verifying and managing returned products
♦  Express delivery, exchange of “Expiry” products.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

♦  Transportation
♦  Warehousing
♦  Distribution
♦  Shipping and receiving

Secondary Transportation Distribution

♦  Full truckloads (FTL) and less than truckloads (LTL)
♦  Dedicated transportation
♦  Express freight
♦  Track & trace

Value Added Services

♦  Customer Packaging
♦  Kitting
♦  Labelling
♦  Returns processing

In-plant Logistics

♦  Receipt of raw materials, inventory control, storage and feed to the manufacturing process.
♦  Providing necessary inputs to the purchase department on stock level, quality of product and their packing.
♦  Continuous delevery of the raw materials to the processing system.
♦  Management and disposal of used packing materials, retrieval and re-use.
♦  Receipt of the finished goods from the point product production line and transfer to storage area.
♦  Identification of each product group, systematic storage and feed-back of the finished goods stocks to concerned department on daily basis.
♦  Packaging and Labelling
♦  Retrieval of the finished goods, loading onto the dispatch vehicle as directed which also include container stuffing both for domestic as well as export consignment.
♦  Documentation and record keeping