Pre Implementation

♦  Site acquisition (Survey, Lease and Recommendation (legal ) 
♦  Site survey (BTS / LOS survey/ IBS survey etc.)
♦  Soil Testing
♦  Structural Stability analysis & certification
♦  EB Liasioning 

Reverse Engineering & Logistics

♦  Reverse engineering and logistics of passive Infra
♦  Reverse engineering and logistics of power equipment
♦  Reverse engineering and logistics of active Infra
♦  Site dismantling and reverse logistics

Post Implementation Up gradation

♦  Site Acceptance Test
♦  Site up gradation work
♦  Power equipment up gradation work 
♦  Tower Strengthening works to accommodate new operators
♦  Foundation Strengthening works
♦  Swapping/upgrading the existing BTS/BSC/MSC with new version.
♦  Retrofitting works of Telecom Towers


♦  Foundation construction.
♦  Tower Erection.
♦  Earthing and electrical installation  
♦  Power equipment installation and cable installation.
♦  Site development (Fence System)
♦  Man-power Outsource for infra work supervision 
♦  Installation and commissioning of GSM / CDMA BTS equipment.
♦  Installation, commissioning and alignment of Microwave hops.
♦  Installation of MSC, BSC and STP equipment.
♦  Installation & Commissioning of transmission equipment like DWDM and SDM.
♦  Installation & Commissioning of data communication equipment like SDH,PTN, DWDM, Access network products, DLC, FSO, DSLAMs 
♦  Installation of Wi-Max and Wi-Fi equipment.
♦  Installation and commissioning of IBS equipment.